Ah, Christmas!  With just 1 week to go, we're getting ourselves organised for the big day and one important part of the preparation is thinking about how to create a beautifully fresh (& cost effective) Christmas feel in your home for the ones you'll be enjoying the day with.  OK, I'll be honest, while yes, I'm thinking about this, I'm also currently 40 weeks pregnant and thinking about eating gingerbread by the gallon whilst calmly (impatiently!) twiddling my thumbs as we wait for our second bebe to arrive. Hence me being up at 4am eating cucumbers, olives and writing this post!  


Image: Kara Rosenlund


As you guys know, here at KIND.SIR, we are huge fans of foraged finds. We've been known to linger around a freshly pruned Weeping Willow making WAY too much small talk with the arborist to sneakily nab the off cuts or swerve off the freeway to chase down a giant, fugitive tumbleweed (Perth circa 2006).   And, what about those dried fallen palm fronds that double as a serving platter?  Don't even get me started!  Mark is in a constant state of eye rolling when he sees what makes it into the back of the Passat.  What can I say, my Mum loves a good forage, I love a good forage and now... Leni, our daughter does too. Foraging batton successfully handed down!

One find that's readily available around these parts and a steal at about $20 for a gigantor bunch, is Aussie native, Eucalyptus.  Silver Dollar Euc is our fave.  So much great texture and the best shape.  



It's a winner anytime of year but especially at Christmas, the muted and calming green/grey tone lends itself to matching just about any colour theme from rich, deep reds to neutrals and sunshiney brights.  Not only does this unsung hero boast the added treat of smelling amazing, there are serious health benefits to having this wild wonder hanging around your house. 

We've gathered a few of our favourite looks and festive DIY ideas below via our Christmas KIND.SIR Style Pinterest Board to get the styling juices flowing.  Enjoy!




And an added bonus, Eucalyptus lasts for ages and can be repurposed into vases & jars around the place or simply tie the stems with a piece of string & hang upside down over the showerhead for a DIY eucalyptus steam room relax on Boxing Day. 




So, get creative with your ideas, throw on some Christmas soul (Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings is a goodie) and enjoy this beautiful time of year!

To love & adventure,

Stace x




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