by Stacey Peric, 6 March 2018


Julz Ashwood is a little dream.  Every time I see the gal's wide (and sometimes crazy-eyed) smile, you just know she's up to something.  Julz and her husband Matterson (with bebe DeeDee) are the creators of the go-to online, travel destination, The Vista.  It's jam-packed with serious travel goodness including their essential (and interactive) travel guides.  The Vista has a knack of finding all the extra special spots around the globe and love nothing more than sharing their travel finds with us all.  Enough said.  The Vista for President. 

We caught up with Julz for a quick chat about her loves, life, this beautiful world and what inspires her these days.  We know you'll love Julz as much as we do. 
Enjoy, Stace



We've loved you ever since you and Mr Rabbidge said "I do" to that naked lovers' shoot at The Joshua Tree all those years ago.  Promise us you'll do another when you're pushing 100, OK? 
So, how did you and Matt meet and what was it that made you say the official "I do" all those years later?  

It's funny you say that because that very (naked) image went on to be our wedding thank-you-for-coming card.  We travelled back to The Joshua Tree last October with Delilah to recreate the same image in the same spot with her joining us.  Three bare bums under a desert moon. 

Matty and I met once at a cafe in Byron Bay, spent 3 months together and then I ran off to NYC (AGAIN!)...  It took 18 months for us to reconnect and rekindle in Australia.  We were married a year later. 


What's something random no one would know about you two crazies?

 Matterson is about two foot taller than me and I always have a sore neck from looking up!


Tell us a bit about your beautiful little sweetie, Delilah Bee and what's important to you in raising a family.

Nature, togetherness, and letting her know that she is loved more than anyone on earth - everyday.



What's one piece of advice you'd like to give Dee?

Follow your heart and trust your gut, you have an innate sense of what is right for you.


There are many curious travellers who are inspired by you and the life you've created with The Vista.  What inspires you?

 I'm a wanderer, it's always been hard to tie me down.  I didn't travel a lot growing up as my family had a property so I guess you could say I am just getting my fair share now.   What inspires me is how the world teaches you.  So many different cultures, languages, foods, music and lifestyles... it's imperative to get out of the bubble and see how the world around us live.



Do you have a muse?  Who do you draw inspiration from?

 Hmmm, not so much - although I do tend to follow a lot of French women on Instagram these days.
They just eat and dress so well!  Ha.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to do what you do?

Don't do it!  Just kidding - I think the secret is to just carve your own way. There are a lot of people out there who end up looking the same...  I think what has always set us apart is our dedication to maintain the "real". 


Your Insta Stories are crazy good and always keep us guessing.  What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given about social media and how do you keep it from feeling like a loaf of stale bread?  

 Have fun with it.  Life is too serious in the first place - if you can make someone smile, whilst still getting your point across it's a lovely feeling.



What's next for The Vista and where to next on your must-see list?

 On my list is Spain, France and Portugal.  Matty has never been to Europe so I'd love to spend some time there with him and DeeDee.  I'm also eager to get to Western Australia and South Australia in the near future - we love a good road trip. 


Julz' Current Quick Faves: 

Reading - Magic Beach by Alison Lester (Delilah's favourite)
Listening to - Podcasts by 'Your Creative Start' especially THIS one...  
Instagram accounts - The Magdalena ExperienceIn Bed With.Me, Lucy Laucht 
Blog - Nowness 
Person - the little one sitting next to me on the couch right now...


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Why all the extra info/shameless plugs?  Coz, we love 'em and love you too!  YIP!


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